President’s Message

April 2019


President of YOUR AAUW NWV Branch has been very exciting for me.

Right from the beginning in April, after my installation————-an almost unsurmountable amount of work had to be done.  A few of us got together and walla, a new improved website was created with all and any information you would need for information regarding our Branch.  A Budget Committee was formed with a new budget, an Audit Committee was formed and the books were audited.  I truly believe in publicity, publicity, publicity and that we had,  thanks to our Publicity Chair.  All in all, this was a fabulous year with 50 new members! It was a very busy year and it is hard to believe it is coming to an end.

My Board and Committee Chairs have been fantastic and they all did their jobs as true AAUW members, knowing what had to be done.  I am so grateful to all of them and owe them all a huge thank you.  I was just the trunk of the tree, and all the branches were blooming.

Our Branch did so many things, reaching our AAUW Mission goals and having fun and fellowship in our various Special Interest Groups.

Get involved!  That is the way to enjoy your Branch.

I will be turning the gavel over to Sharon Phelps at our Spring Luncheon on April 18th.   I hope you have a fabulous Summer and I will see some of you at  the Summer Survivor Luncheons.

Fondly, Rosemary