President’s Message

November President’s Message

The ground beneath our feet changes weekly—sometimes daily.  As our standard methodology adapts to accommodate COVID-19 protocols, my MOM’s words fly into my head: “We’ll find a day, and we’ll find a way to make a difference.”  Attitude was everything for her.

So many of you are finding the ways to produce good outcomes for AAUW.  Check out our notes from the Board posted on Facebook and on our AAUW NW Valley website.  The September video of our socially-distanced transition of Board of Directors is available there.  Book Clubs and SIGs enjoy meeting via ZOOM.  Ann Mitchell’s and Joye Kohl’s AAUW NW Valley College Connections joined forces with the YWCA via ZOOM.  See their report.

Suzanne led our “outdoor live” Trunk of Treats to raise general revenue funds.  Check out the photos on Facebook and our website.

Sara Schmitt and Suzanne James continue to improve technology for our hybrid General Meetings.  In October, 43 members joined in via ZOOM and 26 arrived “live” at the Foundation’s Del Webb Room (Capacity there limited to 50 due to COVID.)

COVID restrictions will change the rhythm of our scholarship fundraiser January 25 and 26.  Hospitality Chair Rosemary Dougherty (with Sharon Phelps)  worked out a Calle Rose Fashion Boutique safely-distanced-shopping experience at Briarwood Country Club with four mealtime choices.  See the “Ruby Is In” flier/coupon.

President Elect Suzanne James, Treasurer Melva Hull, Scholarship Auction cochair Mary Jo Blum and I are determined to raise the funds for scholarships, so we are starting November 1.  How?  We’re releasing an Auction Guide for immediate bidding and inviting you to the Presidents’ Holidaze Cocktail Party and Select Auction via Zoom on December 1.  Thanks to Linda Styrwoll and Patt Bowers for creating our first-ever Scholarship Auction Guide!  See the article, watch for the e-blast of the Guide, share it with friends and relatives, PLEASE DONATE ITEMS, SKILLS and EXPERIENCES or CHECKS, AND  purchase items!

All money goes to our scholarship funds.

Yes, we at AAUW are finding the day and inventing a way to continue making a difference.”

Sincerely Yours,

SharonLee Astle

President 20202021

Here are pics from the September 17th AAUW-NWV First General Meeting led by Presidents Sharon Phelps 201 I-2020 and Sharon Lee Astle 2020-2021. The big screen shows our program presentor Melissa Deluzio’s screens for “Building a Resilient Immune System”.  This meeting was a hybrid meeting via Zoom (led by Sara Schmitt, Technical Support) with the approximately 15 Transition team members located in Briarwood Country Club Patio Room via Zoom viewing on the Big Screen handled by Suzanne James, President-Elect.  Note masks and safe distancing.

Note our sanitation dispenser required as one enters with mask.

Note the lovely ceramic carousel horse donated by Melva Hull, Treasurer for our Silent Auction Fundraiser Pamphlet. You will be able to purchase items shown in the pamphlet such as a Festive Party,  lovely jewelry. The pamphlet will be distributed and online with purchase and pickup  instructions.
Trunk of Treats Halloween rummage sale fundraiser Oct 28-31 coming soon. Shown with Melva Hull, Treasurer, Suzanne James Chair, Sharon Lee Astle, President, in front of trunk and table of treats.

July Newsletter2020



 Suffragists parade down 5th Avenue, 1917. (Photo courtesy of New York Times Archive)

This month marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a milestone in feminist history. But the amendment, widely thought of as giving women the right to vote, did not fully deliver on its promise. Native Americans and Chinese immigrants were not granted voting rights. And, due to Jim Crow laws and other voter-suppression tactics, Black women and Latinas couldn’t cast their ballots until the Voting Rights Act was passed 45 years later.

The same inequalities — racism, sexism and voter suppression — that made the amendment an imperfect achievement in 1920 are fueling the social and economic upheaval we see in 2020. Clearly, our work is not done. Here are five suggestions for delving deeper:

• Read AAUW CEO Kim Churches’ reflections on this milestone in NBC’s Know Your Value.
• Get insight into Black suffrage activist Ida B. Wells, who faced racism within her own movement.
• Peruse a roundup of content that puts the anniversary in historical context.
• Watch a webinar about how to advance racial and gender equity in 2020.
In Focus
 Education and Training Title IX in Trouble
Last week, the Trump Administration implemented a harmful rule rolling back protections for student survivors of sexual harassment and assault. Despite this setback, we won’t stop fighting for students’ rights.
Applications for 2021–22 Fellowships and Grants Now Open
Do you know any women pursing postgraduate studies, furthering their careers, or working on a program to benefit women and girls? Point them to our fellowships and grants applications. Deadlines run from November to December.
 Leadership Five-Star Achievements
It’s been more than a year since we rolled out the Five-Star National Recognition Program, which acknowledges the work of AAUW affiliates towards advancing our mission of gender equity. We’re pleased to report that dozens of our branches have earned stars in that time — and yours can, too. The program extends through June of 2021.
 Economic Security


Black Women and the Pay Gap
August 13 was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, which marked roughly how long Black women must work into the new year to get paid what white, non-Hispanic men made at the end of the previous year. According to U.S. Census data, Black women were compensated 62% of what non-Hispanic white men were paid in 2018. Get the facts.
News and Notes
New Legal Advocacy Fund Cases
AAUW’s Legal Advocacy Fund has accepted two new cases into its portfolio. They include:
• Beth Paige, et. al., v. Mark Green, Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID): a pay equity case between three senior foreign service officers and USAID, relating to the problems with relying on salary history to establish compensation.
• Glasson v. Google: a pregnancy discrimination case brought by a former Google employee who also claims she was retaliated against.
Stay tuned for more information on the LAF section of our website, where you can read about other cases AAUW is funding.

Every Voice, Every Vote
Please give today to AAUW’s Every Voice, Every Vote campaign. Make no mistake: The issue of equity will be on the ballot this November. But we can only win when every voice is heard. With your help, we can lead our communities to register to vote, learn about the issues of vital importance to women and girls, and empower everyone to cast their ballot.