AAUW-NWV supports promoting and strengthening STEM education, especially for girls and other underrepresented populations. These efforts will increase America’s competitiveness by reducing barriers that deter women and girls from pursuing academic and career goals in STEM fields.

In response to this continuing national priority, our branch continues to focus on STEM as a Branch Priority for 2021-22 (The pandemic restricts STEM activities in schools at this time). The STEM Project Committee meets regularly to identify how our branch can best serve the needs of schools and institutions in pursuit of achieving their STEM goals. Our NWV STEM committee partners with Canyon Ridge K-8 school in Surprise, AZ and other schools and community organizations to increase awareness and foster opportunities for women and girls in STEM fields.

We welcome members to join our dynamic STEM Project Committee! Previous science/technology education or experience are not required to volunteer for our committee or programs. There are a variety of opportunities to become involved. For information, contact Suzanne James.

   Co-chairs: To be Determined