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College Connections

AAUW aims to help shape the lives of the next generation of women leaders. Access to quality higher education and advanced technical training for women is critical to sustain and grow our local communities and to address on-going state and national issues.

To support these ambitious educational objectives, our branch will continue to explore and develop working relationships with institutions of higher learning in the Northwest Valley.

The College Connection Team, focuses on building partnerships with local colleges and engaging other AAUW branches in the West Valley in these conversations.

Glendale and Estrella Mountain Community Colleges and Ottawa University/Surprise are current AAUW College/University (C/U) Members.

We are also supporting the “College Bridge Pathways” program at Rio Salado College at the Lifelong Learning Center in Surprise.

Moving Forward……
Plans are already taking shape for the coming school year. Our branch state grant for $1,200 was extended through the 2020-2021 school year by a vote of the state board.
Pay equity continues to be a concern for all women, including college students.
To better serve the students in our partner colleges and beyond, the College Connection Team is partnering with the YWCA.  This should enable both organizations to provide a more comprehensive approach to the issues of the gender pay gap, college student debt, financial management and wage negotiation.
According to a recent AAUW report, “Women are shouldering two-thirds of the nation’s student loan debt. Women are also suffering the heaviest economic fallout from the pandemic”.


The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) will be a 2-day virtual experience this year.


The College Connection Team has assembled a “ready and able” group of liaisons for each of our four college/university partners. They are –
For Glendale Community College – Deborah Engel, Barbara Lashmet, Sarah Maxwell, and Marlene Ragland.
For Estrella Mountain Community College – Tina Byrne, Marsha Dufner, Kathy Knecht, and Phyllis Winters.
For Ottawa University/Surprise – Joan Meagher and Kathie Morgan.
For Rio Salado College “College Bridge pathways” Program – Suzanne James, Maryalice Quinn, Eileen Soltis, and Sharon Treinen.
If you would like to “Make the AAUW Mission Matter” in the local community by supporting college staff and students contact Joye or Ann at: or


College/University Partners:

Maricopa Community Colleges, 10 colleges, unlimited opportunities
“Reach your goals with Maricopa Community Colleges. Start a bachelor’s degree, earn an associate degree, or get workforce training — we’re here for you.”

Glendale Community College

Ottawa University in Surprise (OUAZ)

Estrella Mountain Community College
Rio Salado College “College Bridge Pathways” Program
(There is no website available.)

Local Schools:

Dysart Unified School District

Canyon Ridge School


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